Andy Kassier: a plastic man chiselled by the hands of money and illusion

#EMGblog   02.11.2017

From Germany the dazzling artworks by the man who creates dehumanized and static characters making himself his subject to explore world capitalism.


Andy Kassier is a German artist born and raised in Berlin. When we perceive an
image created by Andy Kassier immediately emerges some crucial questions:


Kassier, or the science of happiness?


Questioning the place of the contemporary man facing Capitalism, is it the primary motivation
to find the key of the happiness concept?


Is it an ironic report of a specter of our current western world and at the same time the
imposture of the image which haunts our society?



Andy Kassier is himself his art subject. In his work he is displayed in self-portraits where the viewer is confronted with his luxurious and extravagant places, echoing the dream of a life full of surface pleasures. His portraiture returns to scientific being on the semi way between the studio photography, and painting replete of Félix Nadar stereotypes and influences from the kitsch productions by the artistic duo Pierre et Gilles with vivid and saturated color portraits, leaving us wondering what is the illusion here? Is it the representation of the artist himself, how he views himself or is it the whole thing a fantasized vision?


Pierre et Gilles, Funny Balls, 2012, Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris.


His artwork states the cliché of our obsession with material image, of wanting to be somebody, delusion to be the incarnated success, which eventually comes down to money. Nothing else exists other than the over-dramatic, lustrous, lavish life, and Andy a plastic man chiselled by the hands of money and illusion. But that is the point, isn't it?


Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer, 1817, Kunshalle Hamburg.


The characters he creates are dehumanized and static. The artist places himself in a very detailed and calculated composition of vibrant colors. However, the unit gives an empty environment. One could say it is too good to be true. It is the antithesis of the traveler contemplating the chaos on the painting "Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer" by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich. There is a possibility that his chaos seems to be in its inwardness.



This character is far from us; it seems to us a "Playmobile" locked up in these artificial spaces so that the viewer is left to believe that this decoration transforms into plastic.

He places his images in social media taking advantage of the ephemerality of the digital image to reinforce the concept of his work. Is easy to find his pictures on Instagram, where it became a product which one looks at once, twice, and then deletes of a reverse of a finger. He exploits his fictitious character and imitates celebrities giving people immoderate impressions of these places and his lifestyle. Showering viewers with these sarcastic moments, and even speeches giving the receipt of an unparalleled happiness:

Taking risks and succeeding makes you a winning player. Never forget that you could have become a tree instead of a human, so be happy in every second of your life. Just be yourself.


Moreover, it comes full circle back to the same theme: material success and things will equate ultimate happiness, which shows his frenzy to be wanted, to exist. To exist not to fall into the lapse of memory.



artworks by © Andy Kassier, 2014 — 2017

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