Art Collectionism

A n art collection is much more than just a set of acquired art pieces. It is something that communicate and represent how the collector place himself and see the world, it is his identity! It is extremely important for a collection to be widely respected and valued whether it is private or institutional. However there is a big number of private collectors and individuals with collections, or groupings of art pieces, with no clear meaning due to the lack of knowledge in this matter. This misunderstanding inhibits them to clearly evaluate their

collection and limits the right strategies to promote their assets. To collect art in a smart way, one needs to master several factors such as economic, social, personal, material and conceptual factors. Our commitment, at EMERGE, is to help contemporary art collectors to build or maximize their collections acknowledging their individuality and taste, making their collections stand out at the same time they make the right acquisitions. Our mission also aims to provide a unique and tailored service when assessing the collection position in the market, guiding and advising the collector continuously throughout the buying or selling process.