The Art market is increasingly stimulated by the intensity of contemporary works of art. There is a growing number of key players, such as collectors, gallerists, curators, consultants, that embrace the idea of investing in emerging art.

However, nowadays, the excess of information hampers the search for new works of art suitable for a profitable investment, since most of these art pieces cannot be found in the market.

It is precisely in this environment that EMERGE - Contemporary Art Agency intends to operate and significantly contribute for boosting the confidence of those who want to invest in emerging art, while helping artists asserting themselves in the art market.

There are numerous emerging artists around the world which find it hard to find their place in the art market not only because they struggle to develop their own brand but also because they need this time to focus on the conceptual development of their works of art. Therefore, our mission is to act as a bridge between artists and collectors, providing them specialized consulting services, curatorship, communication and marketing services.

Our goal, at EMERGE - Contemporary Art Agency, is to offer emerging artists a way into the art market, providing them specific strategies to enhance their artistic and professional development and, simultaneously, to offer tailored and trustworthy services to art collectors, helping them find a profitable investment in the short, medium and long run.